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We take pride in our work and the materials we use.

H.S Wood Flooring is a specialist flooring company in London founded and managed by Tim Hobern (below). He served an unofficial apprenticeship with another floor fitting company and then set out to be the best in the business.

The Flooring Business

The timber flooring business is dominated by the source and supply companies who buy the from all over the world and then prepare the wood specifically for floors as boards, blocks or engineered panels. Some companies also fit floors but the bigger suppliers recommend specialist fitters to lay the floors in residential, commercial and new development buildings. HS Wood Flooring has the confidence of the major players in the market and many of its projects come through these suppliers – such is its reputation.

Ethical sourcing

Wood is a precious commodity and has been a highly-prized asset in some of the great historic buildings in Europe and, indeed, the world. But some species are approaching extinction so there is an agreement between suppliers and fitters to use only ethically sourced wood. HS Wood Flooring is an enthusiastic supporter of the Forestry Stewardship Council who state: Forests are so much more than trees and timber. We are determined to protect forests and their inhabitants.

What separates a floor fitting specialist from a carpenter?


  • We fit floors and nothing else so we know how to lay the perfect floor.
  • Knowledge. We understand the character of wood and its qualities (they are all different).
  • Vision. A carpenter will not see the wood like we do. It is never just a floor. We make sure it contributes to the perspectives and ambiance of the room.
  • Tools. We have the tools specially made for the work we do.
  • Technology. We know about colouring, sealing and finishing a floor so its texture meets the desires of the client.
  • Skill. We fit a floor snugly into the area designed for it. No ugly gaps, cracks or spaces.
  • Preparation. We undertake a thorough survey to ensure we neither over- or under-estimate to materials required or the time required for completion.
  • We have experienced teams who not only know their business but are courteous towards the people around them. No one works for us without a searching interview and a written test. If they are late for the appointment, we ask them to leave; we are sticklers for time.
  • Avoiding delays.  We try to anticipate problems so we equip our vans with everything necessary to complete the project with minimum delay or fuss. But, the unexpected happens from time to time. So we have a back-up van dedicated to delivering materials or equipment so the project progresses as it should.
  • We are passionate about the sustainability of wood. So, if we are asked to fit a new floor, the first thing we do is see if the old one can be revived. It will save money if we can.

Tim Hobern, CEO HS Wood Flooring

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