Hardwood Floor Finishing London

Finishing gives texture, colour and durability to your floor

The finish of a hardwood floor is an important element of the floor design. Most floors are supplied pre- or semi-finished and sealed using hard wax oils and lacquers that give a natural look. Nevertheless, we usually add our own finish a floor once it has been fitted to enhance the colour and give it extra resilience.

Products are constantly being improved through technology. We keep abreast of the latest products or learn new techniques to improve the way we use them. For example, wetting a floor to raise the grain before applying a colour oil to give a richer, deeper colour. We can also mix colours into some of the lacquers can achieve stunning new effects.

We will provide you with samples of different colours, on your floor while we work. Once you have decided which one you like we will sand them off and apply the chosen colour.   For an extra cost, we can show the effects of colour mixes as samplers on the actual floor so you can make a choice in the context and natural light of the room.

In areas that are going to receive extra hard wear, for example, the entrance to a showroom or store, the floor of a museum, a restaurant or a kitchen – anywhere that needs to keep its good looks, the choice of hardwood as well as the finish are especially important.

Our dust-free sanding machines remove surface grime and create a perfectly even floor.

Buffing smooths the wood surface to a beautiful silky finish.

Our powerful buffing machines revolve in two directions: the outer in one direction, the inner four the other.

We use a special machine to apply the finishing hard wax oil so it penetrates the surface evenly. We can also tint the oil to render the exact colour you want.

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