Purchasing from suppliers of responsibly forested timber

Our specialist team of hardwood floor fitters has the knowledge and skills to the most exacting criteria set by architects and interior designers.


The beauty of wood is its warmth and versatility. It is also renewable and recyclable. We buy timber that has own signature colour, grain, colours and finish. There are also speciality products that are extremely hard wearing and products suitable for underfloor heating.

Stability and variety

The floor is supplied as planks, parquet blocks or engineered wood, a prefabricated cross ply of woods held together with adhesive with the surface layer a veneer of the chosen timber. The result is a much stronger, more stable floor than solid wood can provide. It also presents the opportunity for a variety of designs: parquet, chevron, basket weave, Versailles and even your own design.

Preventing scuffs, stains and burns

Where there is heavy footfall, speciality hardwood floors are the answer for shops, offices, museums and other public buildings. As specialist fitters, we are asked to repair or re-fit floors in listed buildings. In the home, the kitchen area is open to spills and burns but we can apply sealants to help prevent too much damage.

Responsibly sourced

We only fit certified wood; it may come from almost any part of the temperate or tropical regions of the world: For example Oak, Beech and Elm from Europe: Bubinga, Ipe, Massaranduba and Wenga from South America; Zebrano from West Africa; Mahogany from the Caribbean, South America, Africa and beyond; Teak, Merbau and Kampas from Asia; Maple and Walnut from North America.

Saving the forests

Some woods are rare and, consequently, expensive. We only fit wood that has been responsibly forested and ethically sourced. And we deal exclusively with hard wood floor suppliers who are committed to the conservation of the world’s forests including the World Wildlife Foundation’s Save the Forest.

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