Restoring hardwood floors is a regular part of our business


A damaged floor doesn’t mean a new hardwood floor has to be fitted.

We pride ourselves on giving excellent value for money and the best way of saving time and trouble is to seek our advice. We will make a survey of the property and advise honestly how to carry out the work required.

We have experience of all kinds of floors in all kinds of properties, even Grade 1 listed buildings where the finest skills and materials are essential.

There are two common reasons for restoration work:

  • The floor is old and tired-looking. We are often asked to re-lay an old floor but on careful inspection we find that, on the whole, the existing floor is fine and all it needs is sanding, colouring and/or sealing to make it look like new again. If we do not need to completely refit a floor we will say so and save you a lot of money. And also save some trees.
  • There has been a reconfiguration of the floor plan. When a wall between two rooms is removed or a new kitchen is fitted, there is can be an unsightly gap left in the floor. Sometimes the hard wood or the floor levels do not match, so we will find the best solution to lay a floor that seamlessly integrates the two rooms. We will try avoid refitting the whole area by using the best of what is already there.
  • A floor has been badly laid. Often we have been asked refit a floor that has been badly laid. The days when floors could be laid by builders and carpenters are over. Modern materials, tools and wood treatments make floor-fitting a specialist craftsman’s task. We, at HS Wood Flooring, are dedicated exclusively on fitting the finest floors.

We are conscious of the way forests have been exploited in the past. Unless it is necessary to fit a new floor or our client specifies it, we will always try to bring an old and scratched floor back to it best again. Have a look at what we did for a client in Wimbledon

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