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Battersea Wood Floor Fitting

We were brought in by Townhouse Interiors to fit a new floor in this kitchen. The house belongs to Interior Designer Georgie Rudge. Her brief was to lay the floor running the length of the house from the front door to the French windows at the back, all in keeping with the period.

Determining the sight line was a problem because the long passage that ran the length of the house included a step down into the living room. In addition, the two connecting rooms leading off the passage were also divided by a step. This visual continuity was an integral and essential part of the interior design. Mapping the ground floor layout was essential to determine the quantity of wood required and where to position the first planks to ensure the visual continuity described above.

As the old floor was taken up, the new floor was laid using Oak floorboards supplied by The Natural Wood Flooring Company of Fulham fixed with water-based, non-toxic glue and secret nails. The finishing lacquer was applied to ensure the wood kept its colour and was resistant to scuffs, scratches and spills of liquid.

Battersea Wood Floor Fitting

We cannot recommend Tim and his team highly enough. They laid the floor quickly and efficiently and with minimum disruption and the results are stunning!

Georgie Rudge

Interior Designer, Town House Interiors

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