Clapham Home

A new kitchen as part of a conversion from Victorian Working man’s terraced house into an aspiring family home in Clapham. The client was uncertain whether the floorboards should be completely relaid or sanded. On inspection, we found the wood was thick and robust enough to be capable of being sanded thereby saving the expense of a brand new floor.

The kitchen was quite small and the sanding had to work around some of the built-in furniture. The old floor boards were of hard wood and quite badly warped in some places so the sanding took some time to get down to a consistent level. Care was taken to ensure that we did not compromise the strength of the wood. We used a special ‘no-dust’ sanding machine and, afterwards, applied Bona Naturale, a UV varnish specially formulated to bring out the natural colour of the wood, resist scratching and maintain its lustre in the long term.

We were there for four days working harmoniously with other trades to minimise the inconvenience to the owners.

Tim and his team are incredibly professional with excellent interior and product knowledge that saved our clients time and money. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  

Claire Mortimer

Interior Designer

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