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Floor fitting in commercial properties

Such is our reputation that we have refurbished and fitted beautiful floors for some of London’s most prestigious showrooms, stores and restaurants, among them Harvey Nichols, Kate Spade, Hawksmoor Borough, Jaeger-Lecoultre. The challenge here is to work as fast as possible, often during the night, to minimise the loss of sales revenue. This requires clear logistical thinking to ensure everything, compliances, manpower, materials, co-operation with other trades, is planned for. Whatever the challenges, we aim for the perfect floor.

Inspection. A comprehensive survey enables us to determine the quality and quantity of materials we will need, the manpower required and the timetable to which we have to work.

Compliance. Commercial customers are as varied as the nature of their business but in nearly all cases we are obliged to adhere to all sorts of compliances. We are experienced in these matters and take them in our stride.

Co-operation. Dovetailing our work with other trades involved is essential to the timely completion of the overall project. We recognise that there has to be a pecking order. For example, electricians need underfloor access to lay cables so they go in before we do. After we have fitted a floor, we have to deny access to other trades while the surface oils dries.

Limited access. Retailers and restaurants, for example, can only allow us access during closing hours. We are happy to work out-of-hours. We work fast without compromising quality so that the inconvenience is minimised.

Trust. Our work takes us to prestigious showrooms where items of great value are on display. Our team of specialist fitters are thoroughly vetted so they can be trusted; our client list is testimony to the fact.

Maintenance. Floors in commercial premises can take a lot of punishment and not just by footfall, moving heavy furniture, too. We can minimise the damage in three ways:

  1. By fitting the right hardwood that has been treated for added resilience
  2. By finishing the floor with oil or lacquer for added protection
  3. By periodical maintenance to repair areas of excessive wear such as entrances

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