Wood Flooring for Developments

Floor fitting in private & public developments

Working with developers in newly-built projects has its own challenges: recent construction work tends to create a damp environment. We have worked on a number of new developments including: Percy & Founders Restaurant in Mortimer Street, and the London Stadium formerly the Olympic Stadium. The interiors have to be built from scratch so there will always be a number of different trades working alongside each other. We take our instructions from the project manager and work amicably with others on site.

Inspection. A comprehensive survey enables us to make a detailed plan that involves logistics, timing, storage, sourcing the right hardwood in good time, arranging delivery dates and fitting the floor. We are obliged to provide definitive details of all our requirements to the project manager.

Compliance. Building sites can be dangerous places. This means we have to abide by health and safety issues amongst other compliances. We are experienced in these matters and take them in our stride.

Co-operation. Dovetailing our work with other trades involved is essential to the timely completion of the overall project. We recognise that there has to be a pecking order. For example, electricians need underfloor access to lay cables so they go in before we do. After we have fitted a floor, we have to deny access to other trades while the floor settles in.

Limited access. As there are other trades involved whose work is just as, or is more, important as ours, we must be ready to work when told.

Flexibility. Delays are inevitable so we are flexible enough to be on hand when required and complete our work on schedule……….,

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